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brandonscottherrell asked: Again, wow wow. You are great. I'll tell you every couple months or so. There's no model I find it more rewarding to follow.

Thank you, truly. I have no other words besides those two.

Thank you so much *bows*

Escape Corner.

Having way too many slices of passion fruit pie (just go with it) might make you feel sick. Really sick. 

Having hardly any kind of pie in your life might actually make you a very sad human person BECAUSE we all need at least one slice of pie once a year.

My point is beginning to lead to the subject of : balance. (This isn’t the topic I’ll be gauging 100% though.) 

Confidence versus Arrogance : Is there a same “versus” when it comes to insecurity? Insecurity tends to be the monster underneath the bed. Some put insecurities way too far into the closet; possibly into Narnia. And some of us wear it on our skin. Visible. As if you can touch it. 

Insecurity versus….what? Or what versus insecurity? Self-doubt, diffidence, etc : is the realm of fear. We can all agree on that. But if we have too many slices of confidence, it begins to rot and turn into conceit and arrogance. But if we have zero slices of confidence…we have a larger tendency to be afraid with each and every step we take. But in the end, whether Oprah agrees or not : we do need that special percentage of insecurity. 

It is definitely refreshing, and almost hypnotizing, when a truly confident man or woman steps into a room. Or the awe you feel when you look at what you perceive to be a confident woman in a photograph. But the cracks in the concrete are the sum of what has led you to put you in that “awe.”  I like to see the flaw in the perfection. The insecurity in the confidence. To search for what’s dug underneath the beauty : insecurity is wretched as much as it is beautiful. What causes self doubt to be 100% foul is when we let it consume us. Same goes for confidence. I feel when you are consumed by one facet of emotion, you become a flat color. You aren’t apart of a spectrum anymore. You become one sided, a square, a sketch that will never turn into a finished masterpiece. 

So when you look at photographs, movies, art…and that thought that sometimes feels like it has hands of its own, grasps your mind and says, “Don’t you wish you could be like her…like him…like that?” - it’s okay to fall victim to such a sad seduction : because that image or artist you are momentarily blinded by, if they are not a one sided sketch, they have also fallen under that same question. But the difference is, they have prevailed. They have gone above the question : And that is why confidence is so golden. Insecurity and Confidence is a marriage = the problem arises when they divorce. 

But in order to ever taste that, I truly believe we do have to wear the cloak of “What if I can’t? But I don’t have a symmetrical face? How could I ever be as amazing as he/she?”…we need these terrors to then seek clarity. 

To be stagnant and remain where comfort seeds, is the truest poison one can swallow. 

Be insecure, Be confident…be human and realize you are not just blue, red, or green. There are 285 different shades of red that the human eye can see. Don’t fall flat.

Be frightened, turn the corner, and then : be fearless. 

Now listen to Aphex Twin’s new album bitch. 


"Out of every success I’ve had, I’ve probably had ten rejections.
But I know without having those rejections, it just [wouldn’t have] inspired me to reflect back on, well, why was I rejected?"

Donald Weber [Photographer]